How Does the “Fly By” News Media Protect Criminals and Profit from It? 

How Do Rep. Godshall(PA) and Sen. Wonderling (PA) Help Criminals Commit New Crimes ?

Did Congresswoman Schwartz(PA) Help the Taliban to Try to Destroy Israel? 

Why did Former Congressman Hoeffel Allow U.S. Intelligence in Iraq to Almost  be Destroyed?

Why is the Pennsylvania District Attorney Association Allowing Criminal Cases to be Ruined?                                                                                                  
How did the Largest Police Organization in the World Allow its Members to be Scammed?
Why Did the National Organization of  Black  Law Enforcement Allow Their Members to Get Scammed? 

Why Does Shelley Meenan, Publisher of  Times Herald in Norristown PA, Allow Innocent People to be Prosecuted?

How Do Probation Departments Allow Criminals to Go Free?  

When did Fox News in Philadelphia Decide to Protect a “Conserative” Conman?                                                

When Did the NAACP Decide to Turn Its Back on Its People?  

Why Has 40 Pennsylvania Police Departments and 6 District Attorney Offices Allowed Innocent People to be Wrongly Prosecuted?   


Why Did the Largest Police Organization In The World
Take Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From A Person
Convicted Of Fraud Twice And Who Is Selling “Fake” Lie Detectors to Its Fellow Law Enforcement Members worldwide?

Why Did PA State Rep. McGill Ignore Major Police Corruption in PA And Use The Police To Try To Silence The Truth?

Why Did PA Rep. Godshall And PA Sen. Wonderling Allow their taxpayers To Be “Fleeced” By A Traveling salesman?

Did Former PA District Attorney Bruce Castor Get Paid to Ruin Criminal Cases? 
How Do Law Enforcement Magazines Allow Law Enforcement to Be Ripped Off?

Is Senator Greenleaf(PA) Protecting Child Molesters With Taxpayers Money?  

How Are Insurance Companies "Special Investigation Units" Allowing a Person, Convicted of Fraud Twice, To Scam Their Own Insurance Companies?

Why Did The International Association of Special Investigation Units Allow Their Own Insurance Companies to Ruin Cases?

How Does the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office Allow PA Taxpayers to Be Fleeced?

Why Did Rep. McGill(PA) Ignore Major  Police  Corruption in PA, but Use the Police to Try to Silence the Truth?  



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